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  1. Apple’s new app ‘Healthbook’ | Buro 24/7
  2. Healthbook? New MacBook Airs? Here are a few things to look out for on Monday.
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Apple’s new app ‘Healthbook’ | Buro 24/7

Automatically selected top tech news story of the day? Apple's Rumored Healthbook dailywireless. Apple's Healthbook will reportedly go beyond fitness to analyze your blood The Verge - Mon 17 Mar 14 9to5Mac reports this morning that Apple's long-rumored fitness and health-tracking app Healthbook is well on its way to reality.

Apple's Healthbook app will keep an eye on your bloodwork, hydration and more Techradar - Mon 17 Mar 14 Loads of new information about Apple's Healthbook app for iOS 8 has been revealed in a massive leak, showing that Apple wants to track your blood and hydration as well as sleep cycles and exercise.

Suggest source About Privacy Policy Disclaimer. One would hope that Gear Fit would do better than the widely panned Galaxy Gear smartwatch flop, but so far, the reviews have been mixed.

Healthbook? New MacBook Airs? Here are a few things to look out for on Monday.

They include big names like Oscar and Bright Health, as well as up-and-comers like Gravie. Thomas Salzano a famous backpacker and a blogger. The "idea-to-cloud" platform will streamline the current web hosting offering from OBS. Is Samsung looking to upstage Apple's Healthbook?

5 Rumors About iOS 8 That We Hope Are True

Samsung sends out save-the-date notices for a health-focused media event May 28 Is Samsung attempting to upstage Apple with its own health event less than a week before Apple is expected to unveil Healthbook? Faith Merino All author posts. You will likely be able to rearrange the tabs to prioritize the information you want to track specifically. It also appears that Healthbook will include an emergency card with useful information like allergies, emergency contacts, blood type and more.

This could come in very handy for first responders.

Image via 9to5 Mac. This is one of the more unique features of Healthbook, one that will proactively keep you on track with hydration.

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You can imagine a series of push notifications that act as friendly reminders to stay hydrated. Combined with accelerometer and other biometric data, the iPhone should be reasonably good at making recommendations to keep you hydrated based on activity.

iOS 8 Screenshot Reveals New Healthbook, Preview and TextEdit Icons

This should be especially useful to athletes and those who work out regularly. The app is also rumored to measure respiration rate, but without an external input, this feature would have to be algorithmically driven off of other attributes of the user. The Healthbook will be able to monitor your heart rate and blood pressure.

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There are plenty of apps that already monitor heart rate, including some through the camera, so building this functionality directly into Healthbook makes a lot of sense. Adding blood pressure is something that would be differentiated from other offerings and could be very useful to those monitoring for fitness or general health management. Sleep monitoring is already a popular app category in the AppStore. Monitoring your sleep cycle is an easy thing for the phone to do when in contact with your mattress and can help you determine how much you are sleeping and how much of that sleep is the restful, deep sleep that you need.