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How did that happen? OK, so I think I've followed these suggestions to the letter. What I end up with is an m2v video file and an. The audio transcoding scheme is Dolby Digital. Still in Encore, I attempt to play the timeline, and there is no audible audio, even though the. Any clues on the next step?

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What version of Encore? Make sure the Encore project is set to a3c audio. Burn to a test disk.

Good morning Stan, I think I'm officially at my wits end! Imported the project as a timeline, showing the expected. Tested this on a PC laptop, no audio. Tried playing it in a commercial DVD player, no audio. When I created the. BUP files,.

.m2v and .ac3 to DVD - mac - HELP! - VideoHelp Forum

IFO files,. VOB files. Beautiful video. No audio. I've also tested the sound on the mac with various audio files and movie files, and the system sound is fine for those. I've made sure the PProCC file did not contain muted audio, etc. Subtitle settings. Press "Edit" button to change subtitles settings. Select the language you need.

Here are some other DVD burner.

Other settings are for the Font, Font size, and placement of the subtitles. As usually, press "Accept" button to save setting.

If everything was made rightly, we will see this window with the changed settings for subtitles. There are no more editing tabs for "Title properties". Press "Accept" button to save preferences. Step 7 Project settings.

Burn MP4 to DVD Mac- The Easiest Way ( MKV, MOV, VOB, etc. Included)

General tab. Select a "Target size" for your DVD from list box. If you need to select custom DVD size just scroll up the list box to the "Custom" value and the bottom "Custom size" option will be enabled for editing. Video tab. This option will calculate bitrate for encoding automatically depends on DVD "Target size" and will be set as maximum possible value.

If you have some advanced experience with DVD encoding, you can set "Custom bitrate". Set up advanced video options - press "Advanced" button.

Mp4 To M2v

Check "Second encoding pass" to improve output encoding results. It is highly recommended to use this option, but it wills increase full encoding time. Could be used as a possibility to decrease encoding bitrate, for more video length on one DVD disc. Check "Add overscan borders" to make your DVD with black left and right borders to view all the source video on your TV. Deinterlace option is not recommended to use. Burning tab.

If quick erase will be not possible, ImgBurn included in DVD Flick installation package will make full erase for rewritable discs.

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I did burn it and, as I suspected, it came out sequential. The video followed by the audio. The video played in something like slo motion so maybe that is why Toast reported that it would be a 58 minute length when the source was 42 I then tried it with a 'headed MPEG' file. THis caused Toast to hang. I am currently encoding it to an avi file with supposedly ac3 passed directly.

We'll see.. I am using a samsung t and Virtual dvhs from apple. The encoding takes awhile but not like 42 hours. This is precisely what I want The streamclip author responded to an email and said that his guide warned of this with toast 6. He said it also occurs with 7. But you said that you have had success with this? Perhaps I have a bad file.

I'll try again with something smaller. Oh the 42 hours was encoding Seabiscuit to h. But seriously it was about 3. I had similar trouble with a wmv3 converted to mpg. Toast hanged when I tried to burn it, so I demuxed it to. When I burned the files in Toast, the video and audio were out of sync.

It turned out that the. I tried everything to fix it without success.