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Sure enough, the sight of hideous frog-monsters some naked, some clothed traipsing the aisles of a grocery store arouses the attraction of security guards and law-enforcement officials, who pull guns on the terrifying ghouls from a distant planet and fire at them.

The aliens try to escape to a nearby mall. Calegory follows and appears to die in a fiery explosion.

E.T. Ripoff Week Day 4: Mac and Me

Apparently if you fire a gun at a mall from a long ways way, it explodes. All is lost! Calegory is a goner! In a curious way, Mac And Me is a horror movie and not just because it features terrifying monsters from outer space and children in life-threatening peril. Mac And Me is fundamentally about the horrors of conscienceless capitalism, of the ugliness of unfettered greed and consumerism run amok.

Alternate Mac and Me Ending Unearthed and It's Insane

Moreover, did either of these venerable cultural institutions really need Mac And Me? The A.

Nathan Rabin. Mac was not one of the more endearing, although there are moments when his relationship with Jade Calegory a genuine spina bifida sufferer, who gives a natural and courageous performance is quite touching. However, director Stewart Raffill's film is otherwise an unashamed rip-off of Spielberg's classic and will only be remembered as the picture that gave product placement ie in-movie advertising a bad name.

Summary A small alien becomes stranded on Earth. As he tries to avoid the authorities, he befriends a wheelchair-bound boy and survives on a diet of junk food. Michael Cruise Jonathan Ward.

‎Mac and Me () directed by Stewart Raffill • Reviews, film + cast • Letterboxd

Courtney Tina Caspary. Debbie Lauren Stanley. Eric Cruise Jade Calegory. Even back in , this had to be a something of a shock to the system, especially considering Mac and Me sports a benign PG rating!

‘Guns Akimbo’ and ‘Synchronic’ Join the 12222 Toronto International Film Festival!

Though this unused ending isn't one of the extras on Shout! Factory's recent release, it was recently unearthed and shared on Twitter by producer and film curator Peter Kuplowsky , who salvaged the footage form a Japanese release of the film. That's right: The death by copy scene actually remained in at least some of Mac and Me 's international cuts.

Remember When McDonald's Tried to Make a Movie?

He explains:. For all of its shortcomings and detractors, there's always been one aspect of Mac and Me that's worthy of all of our praises. The film features a young protagonist in a wheelchair, but never references the character's disability or treats him any differently than able-bodied characters.

Mac and Me (1988)

This progressive sensitivity was decades ahead of societal stereotypes regarding people overcoming handicaps and their portrayal in the media. What's also worth noting is that Calegory actually was and is wheelchair bound, as the actor suffers from Spina Bifida. Though his acting filmography is small, he participated in wheelchair races throughout his teens and currently lives a quiet life in Chandler, AZ where he makes a living as an artist and photographer.