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The app provides you file sorting features so that you can find your model quickly. You can sort by file name or file creation time. If you have too many models in the app's folder, you can use delete button of the app to remove the files you don't need any more.

Mac OS : How to Get Windows Like Photo Viewer

The app supports folders so that you can create folders and put files for different project in different folder. The app provides zip and unzip function. The app also tells you information about your files, for instance, the size and creation time of the files.

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If you need share 3D model with your friend, coworker, client or partner, you can use in-app email feature to send your model out as email attachment. The app provides native support for you to view documents in many different formats, including Microsoft Words.

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This way, you can manage and view not only 3D files, but also other files of your project. The app provides unique in-app reviewing feature. You can easily take screen-shot of your file 3D or office document , draw your comment on the screen-shot and email it to your friends.

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The app supports many drawing elements, including free form, line, text, rectangle, circle, ellipse, etc. If you need iPhone or iPad app for other 3D file formats, for instance, stl, stp, 3ds, obj, vrml, ply, etc, please search Afanche to find more 3D oriented apps. Afanche is a company specialized in 3D technologies. Afanche provides customized 3D programming solutions for mobile, web and desktop.

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For more info, please contact us. Our email address is info afanche. Utilities , Productivity. Afanche Technologies, Inc. Tangram Chronicles Price : Free. Information on how to build GrADS 2. The links for individual operating systems contain only a suite of pre-compiled executables. Please look at the Change Log for lists of new features, bug fixes, and miscellaneous changes associated with each release. None of these builds are guaranteed to work on modern systems.

How to open .IGS file type - Mac File Opener

Beginning with GrADS version 2. External utilities are packaged in the binary distributions for all versions of GrADS with exceptions as noted :. The MS windows versions are packaged with an install script. For the UNIX versions, you must uncompress and unpack the tar file after you've downloaded it:.

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If you do not have write permission for this directory, you can put them in a subdirectory of your home directory e. The font and map files are supplementary data sets that are required in order to run GrADS. If you do not have write permission for this directory you can place the files elsewhere, but you must also change the environment variable GADDIR so the GrADS executables will know where to find these files. You can download the data files separately by clicking here: data2. This data set is not required to run GraDS.

If you have not used GrADS before, you are strongly encouraged to obtain this file and go through the sample session.