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Mystery Case Files Game Series
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The Keepers: Lost Progeny. The Secret Order: New Horizon. Mystery Case Files Mystery Case Files: Broken Hour.

About This Game

Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove. Mystery Case Files: Huntsville.

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  • Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst Collector's Edition;
  • Mystery Case Files: Key to Ravenhearst Collector's Edition Game Download for Mac.
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Mystery Case Files: Key to Ravenhearst. Mystery Case Files: Madam Fate. Mystery Case Files: Moths to a Flame. Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects. Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst. Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst Unlocked.


Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst. Mystery Case Files: Rewind.

Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst

Mystery Case Files: The 13th Skull. Mystery Case Files: The Countess. Double Games. New Games Worlds Align: Beginning. Haunted Hotel: Room 18 Collector's Edition. FishWitch Halloween.

Mystery Case Files: Escape from Ravenhearst

Travel Mosaics Spooky Halloween. Halloween Trouble. Follow DoubleGames Facebook.

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Free download Hidden Object games for PC. Agatha Christie Games. Free download Holiday Games games for PC. Christmas Games. In , something wicked took over the town of Bitterford, Maine, after an unsuspecting inmate unearthed a mysterious object from beneath the prison floor.

Description: Dire Grove has been plunged into a record-defying cold, and wild animals threaten at every turn! But you quickly find yourself in the middle of a feud between the local hunters and the mysterious Mistwalkers who live in the woods. Can you prevent an all-out war? The 4th game in the Ravenhearst games series. Released: October By: Eipix Entertainment. But can you find the key? The 5th game in the Ravenhearst games series. Eipix delves deeper into the past as you find yourself trapped in the very cell that the Dalimars once occupied.

Can you stop Alister before he sacrifices everything — and everyone — in his maniacal quest for immortality?

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We are an exclusive retreat for people who want to get away from it all and learn what life was really like in the Victorian Era — no phones, no technology! Our strict schedule of daily activities will help immerse you in the experience and must be adhered to at all times. When you arrive to investigate, you find a strange illness taking over the remaining residents — an illness that makes them age in an instant!

Reports of a supernatural creature terrorizing the town of Avondel have brought you across the pond. When you arrive to investigate, you find people from your past cases lost in time and trapped inside! A towering black mirror may reveal a secret, but gazing into its depths may bring more than just a few years of bad luck.

Can you find Eleanor and escape the manor alive? Find out in this heart-pounding hidden-object puzzle adventure game! Plot: When a new assignment brings you to the Zenith Museum of Oddities, what was supposed to be an open and shut case spirals into a complex web of deceit. But what do they want, and what will become of the innocents that stand in their way? Plot: Shortly after returning from six months on his ultra-plush yacht visiting the far reaches of the globe, eccentric millionaire Phil T.

Rich mysteriously disappears from his mansion and is presumed dead. Haunted Hotel: Room FishWitch Halloween. Viking Brothers VI. Travel Mosaics Spooky Halloween. Family Mysteries: Poisonous Promises. Halloween Trouble. Halloween Chronicles: Evil Behind a Mask. Incredible Dracula: Witches' Curse.