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Also, the grips that are made by the same company are just as good. I prefer the Kane grip, as it's not as "heavy" feeling as the other ones.

From: Paul, MA. Great control stick handling and shooting. Will be using these from now on instead of tape. The grip this provides has improved my wrister accuracy noticeably.

Buy Tacki-Mac Attack Pad Hockey Blade Grip [Senior] Online at Low Prices in India - nachtmenecapi.gq

The puck goes where I want it to more often. Also, helps hang on to pucks when reeving hard passes. Comments: Not much of a benefit on ice but opens up a whole new world in roller. Now backhand michigans and forehands are no problem. Great inline puck feel, definitely sticking with these tackimacs for a while. From: Danglitis. Comments: I've tried blade tape before, and this was my first time using the different brand. I would definately reccomend it to any younger roller player, or someone who'se just looking for a little advantage.

It isn't going to be durable i see that, but then again, what actually lasts these days? From: Nick IL. Comments: I just got one these and used them for the first time last week. It really felt good while stick handling. I had much better control of the puck, I felt.

Tacki-Mac Command Stick Grip

From: Jeff. Renfrew's Stretch Grip Hockey Stick Tape is indispensable for creating custom grips on hockey sticks. This flexible tape sticks to itself, is easily torn by hand, and provides the exact grip and shape a player desires. Get a grip on your game with Renfrew's Stretch Grip tape! Available in several colors. The Tacki Mac Ribbed Wrapped texture grip offers a tape like texture with added circular ridges.

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Availability: Out of stock. Please wait Would this reviewer recommend this product? Inappropriate review? Report it. I ordered a set of Bauer Vapor X3. The problem with this is getting on your shaft.

Tacki Mac Ribbed Wrapped Hockey Stick Grip Review

Almost got a hernia putting on the first one. This grip is amazing. I prefer the Kane grip to any of the other Taki-Mac because it doesnt have a butt end. This grip is not difficult to apply if the end of the grip that is going on the stick first is stretched out. The first one of these I tried to apply didn't turn out very well but after I figured this out they all go on smooth with out a hitch. This was the third time I have purchased the command stick grip for one of my sticks. It has made my gloves last a lot longer than before with just using hockey tape which is why with my new stick I decide to get another stick grip.

The first two times I was successful putting the stick grip on my sticks; however, it was a pain putting the grip onto the stick.

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So, after I read one of the past reviews suggesting spraying WD40 to the inside of the stick grip, I decided to give it a shot, and it DID work! This time it only took ten seconds to put the grip onto the stick instead of struggling to get the grip onto the stick. Thanks again to the past reviewer for the tip! This thing works great! I really wish that it came in Jumpsuit orange and it fits the stick like a love glove.

Going to keep using these.

TACKI-MAC Youth Attack Pad

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