Mac os 9.0 system requirements

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Note: The amount of available memory varies according to the number and kind of applications that are open.

The memory requirements above are for printing on Letter size paper. These requirements may vary depending on the size of the paper, the type of application you are using, and the complexity of the document that you want to print.

In addition to these system and memory requirements, you need 12 MB of free hard disk space to install your printer software. To print, you also need extra hard disk space amounting to about twice the size of the file that you want to print. For using the online Reference Guide Refer to the appropriate section below for the minimum system requirements necessary to use the online Reference Guide.

Steve Jobs: OS 9 and OS X Preview - Apple WWDC 1999

The troubleshooting ideas in this guide are in order of complexity and risk. We strongly recommend trying these items in order instead of skipping around.

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Axure RP typically has a welcome screen that pops up when you launch the application without opening an RP file. If the application is launching without this window, it may be turned off.

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Major updates of macOS e. Note: We recommend against installing a developer preview or beta version of macOS on your Axure RP production computer. Below are some steps for self-diagnosing a permissions problem on your Mac.

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Remember that you can also reach us at support axure. To get to this dialog, follow these steps:.

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If it shows some other level, click directly on the words showing the level e. Your account will need to be an admin to do this. Pulling this info together in one place might help you to diagnose a permissions conflict—if you know what to look for.

Mac OS 9.2.1

Once you hit return , a file called "AxureLog. The file contains information about a handful of folders that Axure RP writes to during normal operation.

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In general, you want the folders and files in this list to be owned by your own user account and by the group called "staff". One exception is the "users" folder, which will be owned by the "root" account.