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Tips for MAC Makeovers

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MAC Cosmetics Employee Reviews

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Session open for : Reset customer. Lipsticks and lip glosses MAC's own mirror-like gloss lay enticingly and command attention. A virtual haven devoted to all things MAC, the store is an energetic, loud, colorful, and bold environment for women and sometimes even men of all ages.

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It's also a terrific place to get a makeover. The MAC makeover experience is as informative as it is enjoyable.

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The focus is on providing the client with a finished look, per the client's request. If you want a service makeover, it is advisable to call ahead for an appointment. While the store may be able to accommodate this option for walk-ins, personnel are often too busy do to this without a scheduled appointment. If the client chooses to purchase any of the products used during a service makeover, those costs are separate from the service makeover fee.

Garden Route Mall

At the MAC makeup store, also known as a freestanding store as opposed to the brand's department store counters , the focus is on meeting the customer's needs in selecting her cosmetics. Anyone who has ever undergone a makeover knows all too well the dreaded anxiety that erupts as soon as the makeup artist has finished doing his or her work.

MAC Training Secrets Revealed! From an Ex MAC Trainer - Contour, Eye Shapes and Color Theory

You're expected to purchase products - and not just one. You are often left feeling pressured, beaten down, and dismayed at the experience. Generally, you are unlikely to return for a second helping.